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I am looking for the lyrics to this song

I believe it is a negro spiritual or written like a negro spiritual.

The first part is:  Mam'selle Marie, I hear the white folks pray
Mam'selle Marie, I hear the white folks say
That she's a blessed damoselle
With power in heaven and earth as well.
Mam'selle Marie

Dear Marjorie

I'm not sure if you have come to the correct person - as you'll see from my biog, my expertise is in traditional Scottish music and song - which does not cover this genre of music.

That said, this song rings a bell. I think I have looked into this before for someone. And I think this is is the same song. It certainly sounds like a spiritual - and even more of a mother's plea.

If you go on to the music streaming site Spotify, there are 2 instances (on the UK site at any rate) of Paul Robeson singing this. As you may well know, he was a beautiful singer with clear diction, so these are the lyrics I've taken down from that.

Mam'selle Marie, I hear the white folks say
Mam'selle Marie, I hear the white folks say
That you's a blessed damoselle
With power in heaven and earth as well.
O then, have pity on me, Mam'selle Marie

Mam'selle Marie, I hear them say that you
Mam'selle Marie, have one little baby too
His name's the Petit Jesus Lord
But oh you lose that Lamb of God
O then, have pity on me, Mam'selle Marie
Mam'selle Marie

On Spotify search for "Marie Paul Robeson" - the trouble with search ing on sites like that when it some to words like 'Mam'selle' is that they can be spelled in different  ways - ones is spelled Mam'selle, on the other track it shows up as Man'selle!

The albums on Spotify are:
Paul Robeson: The complete EMI sessions 1928-1939
Paul Robeson: The Ultimate Collection

Thank you so much for reminding me about this song. I have now put it into my playlists.

For your information, if you need more information - or think that there may be more verses, try - it's a forum where all kinds of traditional music is discussed and there are many instances of lyric requests.

All things good


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