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Food Allergies/Possible rosemary alllergy


Jdid wrote at 2009-10-28 00:24:55
I too, had a reaction from rosemary.  My hands started burning - heart palpables and my mouth (on one side only) had noticable swelling.

I know I will never eat anything with rosemary herbs.

Ann M wrote at 2011-12-16 06:05:00
I too, am allergic to rosemary...fresh, out of a spice bottle--cooked, uncooked!  Just the smell gives me a headache, and I panic.  Because eating it (even in a small amount...purely by accident) gives me a horrible reaction!!  I get an instant headache, which turns to a migrain (I am prone), I get nauseous, my mouth & throat swells, and I have to instantly "tap out" of whereever I it a casual dinner or work.


Tina wrote at 2011-12-23 16:33:56
Hi I'm Tina! Yes you could be allergic to "Rosemary". At this very moment I'm suffering from a "Rosemary Allergic Reaction" two days ago I cooked some "Spahgetti" which I do all the time, but this time I decided to try something new. I chose "Rosemary" I had never used Rosemary before and thought it might be a good herb to use to give my "Spahgetti" a new flavor, so I springled it inside the meat mixture and cooked it to be used on top of the "Spahgetti". Well the Spahgetti was tasty but a couple of hours latter after falling aslep I woke up with a terrible tingle and itch so I turn on the light and my body was coverd in a Red rash with hives all over my body. I thought what did I use on my body before going to slepp..nothing! Could it be something I ate?.."Spahgetti" just a couple of hours ago....but I eat "Spahgetti" all the time..but I've neverd used "Rosemary" that was the corprit!!! I took (benadrill) for the itch and hives it worked but it came back the next day. Because the (Rosemary) was still in my system this time my face swelled up like a giant Watermeleon with more hives and redness and itched. I go to the E.R. they give me 3 types of medicine thru I.V. and told me it will take a few days for the rosemary to pass thru my system. The medicine will help thatand take away the hives and the itch...abd it will be a few days before I'm over this.. this is my story so I can fell your pain aswell! Hope this helps. Tina

rosemarygirl wrote at 2013-02-04 02:05:32
I have had anaphylactic reactions to rosemary and its components in the past several months. I can't even touch it. Many, many lotions, soaps, shampoos, stc cause me to react. Rosemary is in a lot of things.

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