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Hello, I have recently started getting bright red, hot, itchy spots on my face when I drink.  I have not been able to identify a specific alcohol.  It doesn't always happen but has been more recently.  Beer doesn't seem to bother me, but mixed drinks, wine, wine coolers - all (within 2 sips - not even a whole drink!) will turn my skin around my eyes mainly, to be bright red, and the skin feels very hot.  These are drinks that I've had many times before without any problem.  What could this be or what could be contributing to it?  I do seem to notice a change (better or worse) depending on the specific brand of birth control I take, but that could be a coincidence too I guess.  Can I have blood work done or regular allergy testing to verify a specific ingredient?

This is not allergy in the true sense. The pattern is highly suggestive of rosacea (Properly acne rosacea, although it is different from common acne). It can delope acne-like skin lesions, but simple flushing around the moth and nose is typical. When severe, the flushing can be most uncomfortable and even painful. The main treatment used to be avoidance of alcohol, tea, coffee and particularly spicy foods. I do not doubt that better drug therapy will have come on stream since I last had to deal with it. I suggest a dermatologist.

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