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My 5 year old kid has been showing severe allergic reactions, all of a sudden. He develops hives all over the body, and swellings on legs and feet, itchy palms and swelling on throat and face and lips. We are not sure what is triggering these reactions.  Allergy specialists are not available readily. The pediatrician has given a medicine, which if given, he wouldn't get any hives. If stopped he gets. Please help me with his condition.

It sounds more like urticaria (hives or "nettle :rash"). Urticaria can be a feature of a systemic allergy when associated with other features of allergic reaction, such as asthma, or abdominal. The sudden onset of daily acute attacks most usually are probably a reaction to some recent mild viral infection. It can be acute, lasting up to 6 weeks; subacute (between 6 and 12 weeks); and chronic, longer than 12 weeks. They are usually otherwise identical. he preceding viral infections is often so trivial, it goes unnoticed.

It is dubious if any medication will make it go away permanently. Their main purpose is to control the uncomfortable rash until it goes away on it's own. The mainstay of treatment is non-sedating antihistamines of the H1 class. If that does not keep the symptoms of rash and itching completely suppressed, then adding an H2 antihistamine is often helpful. It is said that keeping on regular treatment that completely suppresses the rash for some weeks non-stop increases the chances of it clearing up. There is no scientific evidence for that, but I suspect it is true.

Allergy tests are quite useless in this situation.

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