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I am allergic to mushrooms (hives, irregular heartbeat, drop in Oxygen sats, swelling of throat), to Amoxicillin (systemic swelling of joints, tissues, and rash), and to Levaquin (severe headache, nausea, kidneys quit producing urine).  If my husband eats mushrooms, can I have a reaction by kissing him?  And if he takes antibiotics in the drug classes of Amoxicillin or Levaquin, can he pass them through saliva or urine to me, and in turn cause me to have an allergic reaction from them?

I doubt that Amoxoxicillin or levaquin swallowed in tablets by your husband will be transferred by mouth(but cannot be certain). Mushrooms? Residues of food still in the mouth immediately after eating them could (at least in theory).

Most drugs will be at least partially excreted in the urine (or rather their metabolised products, some of which just might trigger reactions).

The only certain test is careful clinical testing i.e. feeding them to him followed by a bit of  trial and error. Antibody and skin tests in this situation are useless. However, given the severity of your reactions, I think it would be easier and wiser if your husband only ate mushrooms away from home and for you to be careful if he does need medication.

I'd love to be able to give a more definitive answer. But with allergies we can only rely on probabilities much of the time.

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