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Dear Sir,
        I might not use words properly to deliver you message.
        Kindly neglect and forgive.
         My father is suffering from an allergy whose name we are not yet provided by doctors.
from some days when allergy starts small egg shaped pox or we can say chicken pox with medium red color appear on whole body of patient. These also start on esophagus in respiratory system. As a result esophagus and mouth of the patient swell and at this time its hard to breath or eat any thing.
Doctors haven't yet diagnosed any disease. Rather they says its only an allergy and in case of any swell situation appears use two injections with scientific name "phenaramine and prednesolon"(and market name Solocartif and Avil).
When these injections are used patient gets relif., but after one day of leaving these injection chicken pox/ eggs shaped pox again start on whole body and esophagus.
Can i get help from you in diagnosing disease and its medication.

IF any queries please feel free to contact.

Thanks and Regards
Faheem Usman

If you have spots that genuinely look like small pustules, of liquid under the skin like a small boil, then this is definitely not any form of allergy.

However, the story of mouth, oesophagus and generalised swelling does sound like angioedema. This is commonly mistaken for an allergic condition. There are a number of causes of angioedema, but very commonly a cause is never found (idiopathic angioedema). The medication you have been advised to take will have a very temporary suppressive effect on recurrent angioedema, but will not have any lasting effect and regular use can have potentially dangerous complications.

My best advice would be to see another doctor with more experience of this group of conditions (a dermatologist would be a possibility). Since you live where you do, such a person may not be available. With your existing doctor's help, you might try Tranexamic acid if it is available in your country. I gram taken at the very first signs of an attack, possibly followed by three further doses over the same day if the swelling has not stopped. This can often control idiopathic angioedema. When attacks recur more than several times a week, a regular daily dose can produce relief until the condition settles. This indication for tranexamic acid is not listed in standard medical texts. However a better clinical opinion would be better than such trial or error.

Hope this helps.

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