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I'm 26 yrs last 2-3 months i m noticing that whenever i eat rice or potatoes i get rashes allover the body and itching and itching can not bare it, It comes and goes after few hours(5-6) even itching on head as well

Is it some sort of allergy and what i can do for that?
If yes, want the solution because rice is the basic food for me from where i belong

What test i have to do to confirm it is starch allergy?

ANSWER: Firstly, the human body cannot be allergic to starch.
It sounds more probable that you have "Chronic Urticaria". This is not allergic, although it looks like it. Attacks can be made worse by all sorts of stimuli, which can sometimes include meals.
Chronic urticaria usually has itching and the rash is raised as wheals or swelling. Attacks are usually suppressed by a regular non-sedating antihistamine (every day even if there is no current rash). The problem usually settles if the rash is kept under control for 3 months. A few people will non fully suppress the rash on the usual "H1" antihistamine. It will if an "H2" anti-histamine is added. Your doctor or pharmacist can tell you about these medications.

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QUESTION: Thanks so much for the quick response

I want to know what is causing this itching and what is the cure?
how do i get ride of this?

Also want to tell you that i have been diagnose with ovarian cyst and got operated with it and removed infected ovary before 1.years So just want to know is it related to that any connection in there?

and to going further for treatment what test i have to do?

Thanks in advance..

The cause of chronic urticaria is not known. It may well be a recent viral infection so mild you never noticed it.
There are no investigations that assist.
The treatment I have already covered.

If you do not understand what I have written, please come back and explain why. From your name I assume you are Indian. English (Indian) sometimes conflicts with English (UK). Who cares who can claim to know which is better. But the differences can lead to miscommunication.

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