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hello doctor, i am scheduled to have an allergy skin pricking test tomorrow and have read some details on the internet that some people can have very bad reactions to this type of test. I read that some people can have severe allergic reactions to this test, that the reaction can go beyond the arm that they used to test on to the rest of the body and how some even developed anaphylaxis (may have spelled that wrong). I did this test years ago and had nothing go beyond the spots for which they used for testing. Im abit concerned on this, especially when i leave the office and if something worse develops after the appointment. could this happen ones appointment is over

There are two kinds of allergy skin tests: 1. Intradermal tests in which allergen is injected into the skin. This has generally been abandoned because of a high rate of systemic adverse reactions. 2. Skin prick testing SPT's.

SPT's are extremely well tolerated. However testing with just a few agents (such as penicillin) can be hazardous. In general, while nobody can ever guarantee anything, SPT's using the usual commercial allergen extracts are remarkably safe. I must have performed these tests on tens of thousands of people and never once have I seen a systemic reaction.

People like telling you horror stories. But usually that reflects more on that individual's personality than it does on any true allergy.  

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