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Food Allergies/Entocort and pseudoallergic response to food


Thank-you again. To respond to your question of the biopsy: I had the biopsy done about 1 1/2 years prior to taking Budesonide. The findings were: Benign leiomyoma in lamina propria, suggestive of collagenous colitis.Otherwise, everything appeared normal. There were no significant pathological changes in the terminal ileum.There was no mention of inflammation, so that I can safely assume there none was evident .
I never thought that food could cause the colitis: it could only exacerbate the symptoms. Complicating the situation as well could  previously diagnosed sorbital intolerance as well as possible histamine intolerances. I know that if I avoid most fruit and vegetables and subsist primarily on white rice, applesauce,  and turkey I probably won't have such a problem with diarrhea every day. Another dietician put me on such a restrictive diet last year prior to starting any meds for colitis. I still had diarrhea, though somewhat abated, however I ended up being sick with the flu, bronchitis, sinus infection, etc for 2 1/2 months.I don't intend to have the term "orthorexic" written in my autopsy report.
In any case, the Budesonide is supposed to reduce inflammation. However, would the inflammation be shown on a regular biopsy? There was no mention of mast cells.I guess I should ask for a biopsy with analysis for mastocytic enterocoliitis. i just read a paper on this subject found in Arch Pathol Lab Med - Vol 130, March 2006 by Jakate et al. That might explain my problem with high histamine foods. You have really given me insight into this problem. I commend you.

Hi again.

I was on my Sunday morning walk earlier today and used it to consider your problem. I can envisage all sorts of possibilities. But I need more specific information.

Take your time, but send me a much fuller case history. First of all, your health story from the beginning. Any family medical history. If you can copy the histologists report, send it. But the particulars include: The timing of your "Food reactions". Then some more specifics: Do you take aspirin or other NSAID painkillers? If you do not, why? Do you have nasal polyps or other types of persistent nasal blockage? Tell me more about your skin problems; Has it been diagnosed as urticaria or angioedema? What are the very specific appearances and timing? Are the skin problems ever painful? Do they leave marks on your skin. The results of any blood tests (both positive and negative.

I'm not at all sure that this site allows you to use attachments. If they do not, Let me know and I'll give you a private email address. Mark all future questions to this site as private. I take a "patient's" right to secrecy very seriously. The more information you can provide the better. So if it takes you several days don't worry.


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