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Hello I just wanted to ask what should a person do if they accidently eat a food they are allergic to. For example: I am allergic to eggs so if i eat anything with eggs in the ingredients my stomach hurts for hours (allergy). I try to watch out, ask for and read ingredients but its not always possible to avoid it, what are the different things I can take to stop the pain from the accidental ingestion of the allergy? Thank you

You are really asking more than one question.

Allergic to eggs ?: Here's a tip from my mother. My mother was very allergic to eggs, but she loved cake. It was the custom in England at that time, to entertain at afternoon tea. That was actually quite a grand affair, with multiple kinds of small sandwhiches (crustless of course), scones, assorted other goodies; and cake (at least two varieties). So, mother would ask for one crumb of cake. That she would put under her tongue. Within a couple of minutes, she would tell her hostess whether she had used 1,2 or 3 eggs to make her cake. She was quite infallible and amazed the hostess with her accuracy. A slice of 3-egg cake would put her into anaphylaxis. 2-egg cake: bad diarhoea and stomach pain, mouth swelling and what have you. But she really enjoyed a slice of 1-egg cake and willingly accepted a bit of abdominal discomfort. It's a tip I have happily passed on as a "professional". Try it.

Hope this helps.

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