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This isn't a food allergy, but I couldn't find a category that fit better, I hope you can answer!  I think I have an allergy to the crowns on two of my teeth.  My dentist said that I may, because the gums are very red and swollen around those teeth.  In addition to this, my eyes are always extremely red.  Also, I have had blood work completed over the past four years (for other reasons), and they always tell me my white blood cell count is way too high, but they just say I must have an infection (for four years?, no).  Can a metal allergy cause red eyes and elevated white blood cell counts?

I find your question very difficult to answer. All explanations I can think of are inherently improbable. But here goes.

1. Crowns do not usually contain metal. So that's unlikely. Also, I know of no case of allergy to metallic mercury, which is the metal most usually used in dental work. The same can be said of gold.

2. Chronic periodontal inflammation is well known and is usually related to low-grade infection treatable with suitable antibiotics. But there are other possible causes.

When it comes to chronic mouth problems of any kind, which your average dentist cannot cure, your best bet is to consult a practitioner of "Oral Medicine". Virtually every dental school in the world will have such an expert. If you are otherwise stuck, find the nearest to you and give them a call.

Hope this helps.

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