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Andiblue wrote at 2013-04-24 07:29:06
I have a Anaphlyxsis to coriander/cilantro and use strict avoidence. Hives b/p drop throat swelling, was difficult and dangerous to recognize. Because first exposure reaction was after during eatin out 20 ago. Has not improved.

I was searching rosemary because my husband has a similar history to you and caught on after contact with out gloves caused hives. Avoidence is easier if you have a focus.

Rosemary oil can be use in other natural foods like peppercorns to preserve freshness.

Good luck

Linea wrote at 2013-07-02 02:08:33
My daughter is also allergic to rosemary. It started out with just some itching and bumps on her skin but has slowly developed to severe rashes, skin starting out numb feeling and then hot and burning, wheezing, tight chest, headaches, dizziness and swelling of her hands and face. This last incidence this week caused all these symptoms to be extreme.  I had used a herbal treatment on my puppy for his dry skin which had rosemary in it.  That was a week ago so I forgot that I had put it on him.  After petting him her hands started to itch and we couldn't figure out why as I hadn't changed any of our regular soaps (very careful to read the labels).  Then we remembered that was on his skin. The symptoms just got worse over the next 4 days even with Benadryl. She now is sick with what looks like strep but tested negative. The doctor said it could be part of the reaction.  This is truly hard to deal with as they are adding it in everything and sometimes only label it "spices".  Just thought I would let you know others are out there and feel for you.

Chantal wrote at 2014-08-23 04:14:23
I found this thread interesting. I have a reaction to Rosemary as well although it seems to differ from yours. Dr. Pearson I appreciated reading your responses.

I react only when eating it, not to the smell or from touching it(at least I do not think rosemary in body products cause a reaction, but I have eczema always so who knows!). Additionally, the reaction is most severe when eating something containing fresh rosemary - so if grandma adds a dash of dried rosemary thats been in a jar for three years to a large pot of marinara sauce, I'm okay.

When I eat fresh rosemary, I have an almost immediate, severe reaction that includes swelling and hives along any part of my lips that the food touched, itching along the roof of my mouth extending down my throat with swelling and visible redness.  Oddly, my ear canals feel full, as though they are swelling and also itch intensely. I begin to feel lightheaded and have asthma-like symptoms- coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath. I will usually give hives and redness across my upper chest, and sometimes visible swelling and redness in my face.

I also have the same reaction to pine nuts.  

Vanillatwilighteyes wrote at 2014-09-29 23:52:24

   You are not alone! My daughter also has severe allergies to Rosemary, and it's components. She has had it from birth. There are no underlying causes of hers either. She also, has mild epilepsy. Heat, and fever triggers her seizures. Just recently, she passed out for no apparent reason. She was not feeling well earlier in the day and took a 3 hour nap after school. When she woke up from the nap, she tried to stand and passed out. We have taken her to several places to get tested. They can't tell what is wrong with her. She also, gets migraines, dizziness, and has orthostatic hypotension ( her blood pressure suddenly drops if she stands too quickly). She has another unusual allergy, cedar wood. It's not as bad as the Rosemary but still causes her to break out in hives, respiratory symptoms,  and her throat to swell.  

Jesus is my love wrote at 2014-12-18 07:11:21
Hi there. I too am HIGHLY allergic to rosemary. If i ingest it i will violently vomit for hours and feel like i am dying.  It is awful!! If i touch the plant i will break out in itchy hives. recently my husband and i bought a beautiful rosemary plant for a friend for christmas (which i did not touch at all) and we had it in the backseat of the car for the 40 minute drive and while the smell was nice by the time we arrived my tongue was starting to feel thick and my throat itchy.  I am very careful to ask at restaurants  if the dishes contain any  rosemary. Many times it  is obvious but if it is salad dressings etc it might not be visible. It is definitely  an unusual allergy  but a very serious one nonetheless.  I certainly can relate!!

Bonnie wrote at 2015-07-06 04:23:08
I have an allergy to Rosemary also.  I discovered it when Triscuits came out with the rosemary and olive oil Triscuits. I started eating them and my tongue got numb started swelling up. I new immediately  what was wrong.  I have always been allergic to trees especially pine trees maybe that makes sense.  But then I'm allergic to so many things . Like Vanilla?'s daughter I have problems with heat. If I get too hot it will cause me to pass out. The same with extreme dizziness on getting up too quickly and blacking out. Severe migraines for years. Then they just went away for about 13 years, but then I started having headaches again. I think my bad neck is causing them along with Trigeminal Neuralgia, but the Neuro says no matter what is causing them, they are still Migrains. Anyway, a lot of these symptoms also go along with my Multiple Sclerosis. Also can't take a lot of the meds that would help me because of allergic reactions.

Anyway, I am glad to hear how many things might have Rosemary in them. This might explain some other symptoms I have had and did not understand. I will start checking it more carefully.

Reet wrote at 2015-08-07 14:06:37
Your experience sounds very much like my history.  With the exception that my reaction starts with the tops of my ears and head itching, then proceeds very quickly to loosing my voice and difficulty breathing.  I've been hospitalized twice, once in ICU for 3 days.  My BP drops, have difficulty breathing and once I had diaphragm spasms that lasted for hours. The doctor had the crash cart nearby and ready to intubate it was so bad.  I've had the skin test(2X) and blood test; negative each time.  The only common factor was rosemary.

Rosemary wrote at 2016-01-16 02:00:44
I have the same problem -- allergy to rosemary.  People think I am crazy when I tell them about this, but in recent years the allergy has become more severe.  If I eat it by mistake, my eyes swell up overnight.  I think food companies should do a better job of labeling their products and not just list "spices" on their ingredients.  What spices? Also, is it really necessary for shampoos and conditioners to include rosemary?  Does it really serve a purpose.

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