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Hi ...I have a ragweed alllergy ....I've heard that I shld avoid eating certain foods like zucchini and tomatoes ....can't elope and bananas.My question is this all the time or only when ragweed is high at certain times if the year?Thank you

I am afraid I cannot give you much advice about ragweed allergy because I am european.Problems with ragweed are limited to the USA and also only rarely to southwest Spain.

In Europe allergic reactions to Fresh Fruits are relatively common, but the patterns of food reactions differ slightly between those associated with grass pollen allergy in Italy and with birch pollen allergy in Scandinavia and Britain.

I don't like giving answers on "All Experts" where I do not consider myself a genuine expert. So you will need a US allergist to answer your specific queries. But I have given advice on the general area on "Fresh Fruit Syndrome" several times on this site and you might find some of those answers at least of some pertinence to that area.


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