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My 14 month old son has been diagnosed with allergies to dairy and garlic. Our doctor has advised us to wait a year from the diagnosis to have him tested for those allergies again, avoiding dairy products and garlic in the meantime. We have been doing so, but how obsessive should I be? His reactions are gastro-intestinal upset and a rash, so it is not life threatening, but very uncomfortable for him. But if he is accidentally exposed to either allergen, will that affect his chances of out-growing these allergies? Thanks.

I agree with your doctor, at least in part. 75% of children with allergy in the first few months of life have grown out of it by age 1. 75% of those who still have it at 12 months have grown out of it by age 7. And a high percentage of those left then lose their food allergies before puberty. In other words, the great majority of small children are going to grow out of it before they grow up, with or without medical intervention.

I am very worried about advising avoidance of milk without evidence of some kind of reaction to milk. Mainly because most milk allergy is also transient. And, milk is an essential nutrient providing calcium, vitamins etc. If avoiding milk, if they are not fed an adequate milk substitute, then they may need calcium and other supplements. But I presume your doctor will have advised you about your son's nutrition.

I know of no evidence that accidental exposure at this time will make any difference in the long term. It is usual to do skin tests at age 7 rather than earlier because so many have grown out of their food allergies by then.

Don't worry about transient rashes. A lot of children with allergic rashes look terrible, but actually the baby is very happy and the main upset to the mother is the absence of a perfect looking-child. So less worry and just treating the degree of actual distress, is the balanced strategy.

If you are still concerned, get back to me.

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