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I was reading your comments about rosemary allergy and found I had questions. My allergy to rosemary really scares me at times because if I so much as inhale rosemary I end up not being able to breath and have nausea, my tongue also swells up, and for several days after I fell like my lungs are having spasms. It hurts a lot. To top it all of sometimes if I accidently eat rosemary I get disoriented, my face becomes inflamed and I pass out anywhere from 30 minutes to 14 hours. I've been able to avoid rosemary for the most part, but recently came into contact with it at work. Ended up going home for the day. Then I developed a rash where I had come into contact with it.

I guess my question is what type of testing do I need to get done. No one ever thought to take me to the hospital when I passed out so I would like to know if I am in any real danger when I pass out from the rosemary. Thank you for your time.

If you actually pass out in these attacks, this is a serious problem. Obviously you will be worried.

Firstly, by the sound of it, you should have self-injectable adrenaline for emergencies and instructions of how and when to use it. Your lung "spasms" are obviously asthma. You need the usual treatments for that and standard asthma-relieving medication. If these attacks are regular, there is a big argument to include long-term inhaled steroids.

As far as tests are concerned I think you should have two quite different kinds. It sounds as if you have immediate allergy, which can be detected as IgE antibody by skin prick tests. Ideally you should also have something called skin patch tests to see if you have delayed contact hypersensitivity. Skin prick tests are performed by most allergists, but delayed type testing is usually done by dermatologists. The future treatment does to a certain extent on those results.

With a problem like this, I'd be very happy to help further if I can.

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