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Food Allergies/Gluten and/or simple carbohydrate sensitivity


I have done several food elimination diets and combinations thereof, and have concluded I am sensitive to simple carbohydrates such as sugar and flour, and possibly gluten
Without going into too many details, I just have much more energy and feel better mentally when I 'low carb', and my digestion and constant bloating improves when I eliminate gluten.
My doctor is not totaly convinced as all tests have come back normal.
I havet met anyone that is both carb AND gluten sensitive.
Thanks for your thoughts and for volunteering. God Bless you and yours.

HI bud,

You ask an apparently simple question, which does not have a simple answer. Except for one. You simply cannot be "allergic" to simple sugar, with the exception of lactose intolerance. The ability to digest cow's milk sugar (lactose) is entirely dependant on an enzyme (Lactase), which is genetically determined. Races like Chinese and many Asian communities lose their lactase somewhere between 4-7 years old. It is not needed because cows and their milk have never been part of their culture. The presence or absence of that can be easily be obtained by measuring blood sugar after a "Lactose oral challenge test".

But otherwise, I need more information. 1) Your age, sex,and height and weight. When did your symptoms start? Have they been continuous, or just intermittent. You say you have bloating, any diarrhea or constipation? Describe the pattern of the symptoms that you consider due to food. The time scales of those reactions. 2) How did you come to consider it might be due to food? What exactly were the various elimination diets you have tried?

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I am a retired medical academic from the UK. I have done major research on Food Allergy and have been a government adviser in the area. 30 years experience running an allergy clinic. And undergraduate and post-graduate teaching.

Well, apart from the FRCP, I'm no longer active in the area. I'm too busy writing books. And I no longer have the cash to go to international meetings. But was active in many.

Will 120 scientific papers help? Chapters in books. Patient advisory materials. Magazine articles. TV appearances. Live and recorded. National and international invited lectures, etc. It was my job for 40 years. Do you think I count!

MD, PhD, Postgraduate Diplomas etc. Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians. etc. But I don't want that put out on the net! Just to let you know!

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