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Dear sir,

I am allergic to milk, dairy products, spicy food, eggs, sugar.
Whenever i consume these foods, my upper lips area becomes
discoloured and looks like there is swelling.. Area under the eyes
becomes swelled..
I restrict my self from these foods, but whenever i ate, they face

looks like swelling.  
Doctors  gave me some anti allergic tablets,
but they are not very helpful, and relief is for very
less time..
So now, I am in extreme depression.. I dont want to live. Iam so
beauty conscious and Hate the swelling on my face.
I really want a remedy so that i can enjoy my life with foods
without getting swelling...

Thank you soooooooooo much..
God Bless you.

You need to tell me more. I very much doubt that this is due to food allergy. Please tell me: 1. Your age. 2. How long you have had this problem. 3. How often you get it (ignoring what you have eaten). 4. How does an attack start. Do you have any symptoms before the swelling starts. what? 5. How long does the swelling last? 6. Do the swellings leave any marks on the skin? 7. Do you feel generally ill at any time? Fevers, pains, etc. 8. What is the timing of any reactions you think are due to foods.

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David Pearson


Any in the field I believe. Only experience of questions that get asked will tell.


I am a retired medical academic from the UK. I have done major research on Food Allergy and have been a government adviser in the area. 30 years experience running an allergy clinic. And undergraduate and post-graduate teaching.

Well, apart from the FRCP, I'm no longer active in the area. I'm too busy writing books. And I no longer have the cash to go to international meetings. But was active in many.

Will 120 scientific papers help? Chapters in books. Patient advisory materials. Magazine articles. TV appearances. Live and recorded. National and international invited lectures, etc. It was my job for 40 years. Do you think I count!

MD, PhD, Postgraduate Diplomas etc. Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians. etc. But I don't want that put out on the net! Just to let you know!

Awards and Honors

Past/Present Clients
Too many to count, patients of course and a large number of all sorts of corporate consultancies and considerable work as an expert witness in the Courts. I'm volunteering because your Greek expert has been so helpful, I thought I'd offer something back.

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