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Hello, and thank you for your time. The subject line is a little generic I must admit but I'm honestly not sure how to word this. I'm aware that I'm allergic to aspirin, nsaids and sulpha. My BF is currently taking percocet for a kidney stone. Could he be sweating out the acetaminophen and I come into contact with it causing hives? Possibly note worthy I ate tomatoes the day of but didn't notice Hives until waking. The hives are brightly colored, densely covering mostly my trunk. Not itchy, but painful to the touch. It's been about 36 hrs now and they haven't subsided but are migrating it seems. Sorry for the length and thanks again for any suggestions.

The pattern you describe is not urticarial (the usual kind of hived). And it is not any kind of allergy. That is because allergic urticaria is always itchy and is not painful. The most probable cause is some very minor virus infection, which probably infected you about 10-14 days earlier and which you might not have noticed. Antihistamine medication might, but more probably will not, have any effect. The natural history of such rashes is to get rather worse over several days and then to go away on it's own.

However if it gets intolerable, I advise seeing your doctor as some such require systemic corticosteroids to settle. But a big but, just occassionaly such rashes can be the start of something more significant, which would demand a doctor to observe it to make a proper diagnosis (there are a whole host of rashes which look virtually the same to a non-expert).

My advice? Extemporise: By all means try a standard antihistamine for symptomatic relief and wait and see.  If other symptoms occur, then further medical advice would be advisable according to their type. Such rashes usually peak in about 4 days. If they continue longer than that, then again get a doctor to actually see it.

The most likely outcome is that it will go away and you'll never know what caused it. If not, write again.

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