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Hi, I read you area researcher! My child has both egg and soy allergy. I read an article which said chickens fed a soy based diet contribute to soy allergy. I'm wondering if its only a soy allergy not a true egg allergy/sensitivity, in which case eggs from chickens fed non-soy feed would be fine. Do you have any information on this?

Egg, milk and soy are the three most common independent allergies in young children. I would be extremely concerned about assuming that a child's apparent reaction to egg might not occur with the eggs of non-soy fed birds.

The answer to this problem lies with the US factory farming situation. Both cattle and birds are fed foods they would never be given anywhere else in the world. It's cheaper but produces toxic food.

You do not mention your child's age. This is critical, because these particular food allergies are usually fairly temporary and will be grown out of in time; usually by age 7, or before.

Get back if this does not answer your concerns.

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