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I am male, 55. My wife always thought I was allergic to beer, maybe the yeast or hops. I would get a runny nose, itching, etc.I have stopped drinking it, but just before I gave it up, I had way too many one day, and my belly blew up like a balloon, and has barely gone down.
With the other symptoms I have, I think it might be candida, or a male intestinal yeast infection?
What do you think? Thanks!

Beware! There is a huge amount of total bullshit about Candida in all the popular press. Yes, it is a very common cause of annoying mild vaginal discharge in women. Yes, their sexual partners can get a local penile infection related to that. And most certainly in anyone with significant immunodeficiciency (e.g. HIV infection), it can be a killer. But ignore 95% of the rest.

Fact. Allergic reactions to Candida and other moulds and yeasts most cetainly occur. But these are entirely species-specific (I know a lot about this because I was put into anaphylactic shock on the first day of my PhD in Immunology by an injection of Candida extract!). Allergic reactions to yeast in beer never occur to the best of my knowledge, but reactions to other yeasts/moulds are quite common individually, but there are no cross reactions between them. Allergy to one has absolutely no predictive value against you reacting to any other.

The chances of you having a candida-related problem are close to zero in my opinion. I advise seeking the opinion of a family-practitioner or a gastro-enterologist for your new symptom of bloating before going down the alternative medicine route.  

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