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Food Allergies/rash all over my 17 month old


I have recently started my son a a lactium product to help with waking at night ... within a couple of days he has developed a rash all over his body, he has never had any allergies to milk products . Could lactium or hydrolysate cause this rash????

I fear I have never heard of lactium. I therefore do not know what it is or anything about it.

All I can say is: that if you start feeding an infant something new and they get ill - Stop it and wait and see!

Generalised rashes all over the body without gut, chest or nose symptoms are statistically more likely to be viral rather than allergic. Also, it depends upon the type of rash. Any family practitioner is likely to know the difference between them. Consulting one is my best advice if you are still worried.

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I am a retired medical academic from the UK. I have done major research on Food Allergy and have been a government adviser in the area. 30 years experience running an allergy clinic. And undergraduate and post-graduate teaching.

Well, apart from the FRCP, I'm no longer active in the area. I'm too busy writing books. And I no longer have the cash to go to international meetings. But was active in many.

Will 120 scientific papers help? Chapters in books. Patient advisory materials. Magazine articles. TV appearances. Live and recorded. National and international invited lectures, etc. It was my job for 40 years. Do you think I count!

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