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Food Allergies/red meat intolerance/allergy?


I have tried lots of diets to no avail. I have a very slow metabolism, and an endomorph body type. I 'low carbed' for years with only limited success-I just couldn't handle all that meat, even though I ate the leanest cuts. In fact, recently, at age 55, red meat has started to give me bad gas and bloating, so I cut it out. I have stated to lose a little weight now with no red meat, and my belly has shrunk. Is it possible I am allergic to it? This goes against conventional wisdom which says I should eat lots of lean meat and less carbs.
Thinking back to the 80's, I had a job in the meat department of a grocery store, and could not eat much red meat, having to work with it all day. I lost weight then too.
Thanks for your thoughts!

First of all, it would be my opinion that the chances of you being food intolerant are close to zero.

Secondly, you seem to subscribe to various dietary fads which have absolutely no scientific basis. Every high-this, low that, diet will have no advantage over any other. Some people seem to manage to control their weight on one or the other. But just as many succeed with one rather than the other. But they get different metabolis side effects. Some of those clearly increase the risk of heart attacks for example. Success rate is virtually unrelated to one diet over another. Some work for some, but not for others.

The essential fact about controlling weight and size is the relationship between total energy in against total energy out. Plus the fact that adequate exercise burns up fat while you sleep for up to 36 hours. If to try to lose weight purely by reducing calory intake, all that happens is that your body goes into conservation mode, which makes you tired and exhausted. You then have a greatly increased risk that when you do have a good meal, it goes straight into new fat deposits. It actually makes the overall problem worse.

I think you would be better off buying a reputable book on sensible human nutrition. A well balanced diet with regular exercise at least three times per week, is the only valid way to keep excess weight under control.

Please let me know if this is not the problem.  

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