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mohammed qadah wrote at 2013-03-17 17:03:13

to kake sure that your salsa will not spoil you have to make sure that pathogens are killed or at least controled

how you can do that?

by PH

you have to make sure that the salsa ph is from 6-5 which pathogens cant be increased under this level

how you can know?use ph meter

how to invreas acidity"?by adding acitic acid"vineger"or citric acid and both will work as preservatives but they are organic

dont forget that you might need to add modefied gas on top of the salsa which is filled into the buckets

i gaurantee for you keeping the salsa for more than 60 days if you do this

1-clean all the ingreadints well

2-boil the mixed grinded salsa by using your kitchen "gaz"

3-add acitic acid or/and citric acid until ph reach 5-6

4-wash the buckets with hot water befor filling

5-fill the salsa into the buckets direct

"by direct way you dont need to wash the buckets"

6-dont close the bucket immediatly,take few miniuts then close it

7-insirt the bucket into cold water bath or drown it into cold water buckets

this way will preserve it for six months and i gauranty

you dont need preservatives

if you have to do so itsyour choice if its under limit

hope you try it

am mohammed qadah from palestine and i work in salads factory"hummus,salsa,mayo    ect

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