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We’re a brand new pastry company located in San Francisco, we specialize in high end French pastries.  We also offer jarred sauces for our retail store and for web sales and here’s where I'm stuck.  We’re looking to form partnership with a co-packer who can take care of all production following our tested recipes  while meeting all federal/state regulations on canning sauces (water level * pH levels on sauces, etc.) We have been doing small amount of canned sauces in our own production kitchen but the demand has gone up and we're looking to source out our canning aspect of business.

Jarred items: Fudge Sauce,fruit preserves, caramel sauce, butterscotch,fruit curds.

There are more in the works but if so they’ll be similar sweet/dessert sauces.

We sent out our sauces for testing initially for “Free water content” and on couple of our recipes we went over the regulated amount by .5% or so hence we didn't jar the ones failed.  We’re looking to adjust our recipes so all items fit all canning regulations.  Also, I’d appreciate it if you can pass on any information on any lab equipment for testing water content/pH content etc we can do here in our kitchen so we can pass along tested recipes for mass production.  Thanks and I look forward to hearing back from one of the experts.

There is a small private label packer in Auburn called MadWills that would be good for you.
I just don't know if they are taking on any new business. You can contact a gentleman named Tim Sullivan to ask (530-823-8527).
Otherwise you should do a Google for "food products contract manufacturing".  That turns up a lot.
You can also get on to the Contract Packers Assn website and use their search tool, but be advised that it searches only  association members, not all co-packers.
The Private Label Packers Assn also has a site, but that one is a little more difficult to use  ( all of which is why I tell people to do Google first ).  Good Luck.

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