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Hello, my problem is production  of  garlic paste (minced garlic paste production) A lot of  garlic paste  on the market contains only  garlic and citric acid, sometimes it is pasteurized in other cases not.
I would like to produce garlic paste from chinese garlic which have been kept in cold stores.
How can I prevent greening garlic paste? I don't want to use any preservatives if  it is not necessary. I tried to add citric acid from 0,2% to 1,2% but it still turn green,
a combination od citric acid and  ascorbic acid also didn't help.
in fact it  turn green even faster  during pasteurization proces than wihout any additives.
Crushing with hot soluion  of citric acid helped a little  but it is still  bright green.
There are a lot of this kind of products on the market. There has to be a method of production white garlic paste

Hello Brygida

After reading your explanation I have come to conclusion that you have tried all what I would have recommended to do.

The only other process you may want to try is to add citic/ascorbic acid combination after minising and then vaccum pack the paste.

Hope this helps.


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