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I will be selling bottled, green, tea with 5 minerals added to the drink. The minerals will total 1130mg per bottle. The packaging will be a 500ml PET BOTTLE. There will be 28g sugar per bottle. The product will be pasteurized and copacked. I was told to add Citric acid, but when do I add the acid? How much acid is needed per 500ml bottle?
Is an overage of 15% on average per mineral enough?
This is the process as I understand:
1)Brew whole leaf tea.
2)Mix sugar, (15% overage) minerals, Citric acid, water, and flavor with brewed whole leaf tea.
3) pasteurize.
4) Fill bottle.
5) check pH

Hello Vince
You have the process  right but please check pH before pasteurization so that if you have to make adjustment you can do it before bottling.

Hope this helps.

Also I'm traveling so sometime I can not get my emails in time.



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