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Hello, I am developing a marshmallow dessert sauce for my small business, and I need to know if there are any potential problems, or things I should be aware of with packaging into aluminium bottles?


Good morning.

All metal containers - aluminum or otherwise - have their insides barrier coated.  This is done to inhibit the food product inside from reacting with the base metal and creating off flavors, aromas, or unhealthy reaction products.  Typically, after the can or bottle has been formed, the insides are either sprayed or dipped  with the coating.

Recently, some long-used coatings have been found to be carcinogenic, so there has been a lot of new compounds in use and under test.

You should do two things.  First, get your bottle vendor to send you a certificate or an MSDS sheet that certifies that all materials are safe.   Second, I would recommend you do some shelf-life testing on your own.  Fill and seal the bottles under the conditions you would normally make them, store them how you have planned to, and then open up a few every few days to see if the sauce is still good.  This, btw, does not get you out of doing third-party lab testing to certify storage conditions, but its an economical first step.

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