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We are a small food manufacturing company that needs help with mayonnaise manufacture.  This product was packaged at a co-packer for about 7 years until they declined to continue manufacturing it because if its delicate nature.  Now we have all the equipment and all the information, but we are not getting a mayonnaise that will not break emulsion at refrigerator temperatures.  It does fine at room temperatures.  We believe this is because we are not using the colloid mill.  We have not been able to get this leg of the operation to work, so we scrapped it.  Do you know someone who can help us with this leg of the operation?  We do not want to continue to have failed batches.  We are ready to bring in an expert.

Hello Annette

Having a colloid mill is essential to produce shelf stable product, you are right since you are not using colloid mill you are having emulsion breakdown at refrigerated temperatures.

How long is the product holding at Ambient temperatures?

Why gave up on having a colloid mill?

What are your production quantities?

I may be able to refer you to someone who can help you with the proven Mayonnaise Formula, manufacturing process and packaging.

If you can answer my questions I will be more than glad to provide you contact information.

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