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Dear Sir,

It will be really appretiated if you can help me to find a solution to the trouble I am facing while canning the vegan Mayonnaise. I wanted to can/bottle the mayonnaise somehow in a safe and appropriate way with out loosing the texture-taste profile of it. After doing a small research on internet I decided to pressure can it to make shelf stable. Here is the way I did it.
1. double boiled the mayonnaise and made it hot.
2. sterilized the bottles. (did not sterilised the cap)
3. filled the hot mayonnaise into the bottle and cap.
4. using a small retort sealed the bottle(used the guide line from the retort company)

Problems occured....
1. The mayonnaise got curdled and the sauce turned too sour..(the sauce was perfect in tasste and texture before heating it up)
2. most of bottle was having water presence in it..

3.The sauce was looking like a soft tofu in water.

Please..I need your real help to find a solution for this...

Best Regards,
Harish Kannikkanari

There is no need to heat mayonnaise to preserve it; it is mostly oil and the aqueous phase is normally acidic. It needs an emulsifier, which is usually egg yolk, but I don't know what you use for a vegan product. Heating would cause exactly what you experienced. You need to confirm that the pH is well below 4.6. Do not heat or retort.  

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