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Hi,could you please gimme the name of a book that says how to make various dairy products, professionally, and includes information about the chemicals that are added to the milk that give the desired modifications to the product properties.

I'm especially interested in the food additives involved in the manufacture of dairy products and have a good knowledge of chemistry and biochemistry.   

thanks for your time.

Hello RJ

This is what I know.

Here is The Halal status of additives in milk and dairy products

Midhat Jašić ; Faculty of Technology, University of Tuzla, Tuzla, BiH  
Meho Bašić
Amir Sakić
Faruk Čengić

Puni tekst: pdf (199 KB), Hrvatski, Str. 153 - 159 , preuzimanja: 1.690 *

The market of halal products in the world keeps growing and there are more and more requests for certifying and proving the halal status of a food product. Halal in Islamic regulations means allowed for eating. Islamic laws related to the food, strictly forbid the use of food originating from pork, alcohol, blood and other products that are not in accordance with Islamic rules. In order to get the halal status, dairy products have to prove that they do not contain raw mater and additives that are forbidden. Level of allowance is related with their status which can be Halal (permitted), Haram (forbidden) and Mashbuh (suspected). In establishing the system for Halal food processing, proactive preventive process approach is used. In validation of the process there are analytical methods to prove the origin of the food. Specially difficult is to prove the presence of additives which during the process experience chemical transformations. The ELISA PCR, HLPC methods are used for the validation. This paper presents additives that are the most common in milk processing and can have Haram (forbidden by Islamic rules) and Mashbuh (suspected) origin.

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You may also go to internet and type, "additives in dairy products" and you will see all additives that can be used.

Hope this helps.


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