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I'm working on an engineering project for school and I would like to ask you a few questions:

Please describe your Engineering field

What is your current job title?

Please describe your particular job and duties

What is your average work schedule?

Starting with high school, please describe your educational background chronologically

If you had it to do over, related to your career or education would you do anything differently?

What advice would you give to me as someone interested in pursuing a career path similar to yours?

This project is kinda like an interview by the way please answer if you are able

Thank you

Hi Sean

1) My job title is Vice President Technical and Manufacturing Services

2)I am involved in the development of products, processes and packaging of food and beverages.

3)I work about 60 hours a week which also include travel to various manufacturing facilities.

4)Starting from high school to Masters in Chemistry and Chemical Engineer my education base ahs been Science and Math.

5)No I will do the same over again.

6)Work towards getting a degree in Chemical Engineering you will always have a job.

Best regards


Jim B. Dar
Vice President of Technical and Manufacturing Services
Arizona Beverage Company
1 Arizona Plaza at
60 Crossways Park Drive West, Suite 400
Woodbury, NY 11797
T 516 304 3324, F 516 304- 3374, Cell 908-875-3680
Past-Chair NYIFT

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Have worked with all possibile processing and packaging systems used in food industry. I have over 30 years experience related to Food and Beverage manufacturing.

Institute of Food Technology American Institute of Chemical Engineering

Holder of two patents

Masters in Chemistry BS in Chemistry Bs and in Chemical Engineering

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