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Hi Jim Ė thanks in advance for your help and your time.

Iím producing an infused simple syrup and packaging it in a 750 ml. screw-top wine bottle.  I am just starting out and have some very simple bottles that were the right price, but unfortunately they are designed for ROPP lids.  Can I still make them work?  I have a few plastic lids with both an F217 foam liner (that stays in the lid) and a pressure-sensitive foam liner that will seal the bottle and be peeled off when the lid is first removed.  Does that sound acceptable?  Is there a different seal or liner that I should consider?  Do I even need a ďsealĒ on the bottle if I am also using shrink bands, or is that overkill?  These lids seem to fit, but I guess I wonít know for sure until I process a few bottles.  I am also considering metal lids with plastisol lining.  Would those be okay?

My product is going into sterilized bottles while itís cold, and I was planning to process them (after they warm up to avoid thermal shock) in a water bath for 16 minutes.  Does that sound about right?  I am at around 4400 ft. altitude.  Also, for what itís worth, my pH is low Ė around 2.5 to 3.5 depending on the syrup.  I will only immerse the bottles up to within an inch or two of the top.  Should they be capped finger-tight when they go into the water, or should I wait and cap them after they are finished but before cooling?  I processed a few bottles several months ago without the caps on and was shocked to see how much of the syrup flowed out of the bottles.  Clearly I didnít leave enough headspace Ė but if I had capped them, would it still have been able to escape, or would I risk them exploding?  Otherwise that experiment seemed to work and I got a great seal, although that was in a "regular" screw-top bottle and not an ROPP.

Thank you again!!  :)  Look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks Dianne for asking me to give you my opinion about packaging of your syrup. Sorry about the late reply but I just returned form my vacations in UK.

I need to know few aspect of you syrup and how you are processing it before I can answer all your concerns. Are you using plastic, glass or aluminum bottles? very important to know before selecting a cap configuration and its application procedure.

The same is true for selection of lid liner.

I will be more than glad to answer all of your concerns/questions once I have the above mentioned details.

The overflow that you experienced also tells me that you need to make sure that the bottle capacity is correct to make sure label claim of product inside the bottle.

Please help me understand and I will answer all your questions and perhaps design a complete processing and packaging specifications for your application. I will wait for your reply.

Best regards

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