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Dear expert Jim,
I am planning to do accelerated shelf life testing for frozen dessert (ingredients: coconut milk, sugar, stabilizer, rice flour). Product has a good packaging with barrier.

Would it be ok if I design accelerated temperatures in chilled and frozen temperatures: 4 degree C, -6 degree C, -16 degree C and control at -40 degree C.

Look forward to having your suggestion.

Hello Tina

It depends where you are located and what are the weather pattern. Also, the other important variable is the package design and material used to make the package. This is because for shipment you will use a freezer which are around 0 to 4 degrees C.

I suggest that you stay with 4 and -6 degrees c and for worst case scenario use -16 degrees C because the product will never see -40 degrees C

Hope this helps.

Best regards


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