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I am starting a very small business, i will be producing :ready to use fritters
That means the big difficulty is to mix the vegetable and garlic, salt, onion, etc.. All these products will be in a POWDER format because it is a ready to use product. ALL ingredients are DRIED and turned into powder because the goal is to have a mix that will be ready to use. The customer will add water and than just put it in oil and do the cooking.

This is a specific subject, i tried to find BOOKS or WEBSITES on this specific subject but i was not able to find anything specific all that i have found is cooking books on fritters but NOTHING on READY TO USE technics.

Is it possible for you to help me find something specific (book, article, website) on this subject: the technic on the mixing of ingredients that are dried and turned into powder for ready to use products?

Thank you

ANSWER: Hello Claude

If every ingredient is going to be in powder form as you wrote than making the blend will be easy. The only time it is difficult to mix ingredients is when some or most of the ingredients are not in same form (powder.

Actually there are several blends available like the one you are talking about in the market place.

You have to have a recipe to make this blend. Each ingredient will be weighed individually and all are ten blended to give a uniform blend. If you have a recipe please go ahead and made a small batch in your kitchen.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Can you give me some examples of similar blendsÉ

thank you

Hello Claude

There are cookie mixes, cake mixes, meat tenderizers, spice blends for meat chicken, beef, fish and vegetables which works by just adding water and or other liquids.

I am not sure where you are located and what super markets you have access to but they all carry various products.

You can check McCormick's website to see some these blends and their uses.

Hope this helps.



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