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what do you know about genetically modified organisms(gmos)?

When buying  food inside of stores what is the criteria  used for purchasing  items, do you choose  what you like or what's good for you
What do you think about the fact that scientists  are changing  the genetic  makeup  of these foods ? Do you think that its safe ?

What do you think about the fact that genetically  modified  organisms have been known  to cause many defects  like sterility  and infertility?

How do you feel about the fact that a major food seed producing  company bought over this special  gene that causes sterility  and infertility?

This same company has been granted the access  to test the safety  of their own food by the FDA and have that be the used for the products, do you feel this is safe or a good idea?

products with genetically modified organisms aren't allowed to be labeled. Would you feed products  with your family if they were labeled to have gmo's in them, knowing  the risks?  

Since gmo's are in various  medicines, why do you think they seem to be more harmful  in foods? Or do you feel the side effects  are a product  of the gmo's ?

Gerber was found to input gmo's in their food. Do you think gmo's should be used in baby food?

Do you think that this is natural or safe ?

What is your view on gmo's,  positive  or negative  and why  ?

hello Ciara

Since I use GMO ingredients and have used them for last 35 years I do not have anything negative to say about GMO. It is just a scientific approach to increase yield of Fruit and Vegetable on a per acre basis. Most of the farmers in the United State use this process to benefit form it.

I have not heard or seen any side effects (mental or body defects) from the use of GMOS, There ahs been no conclusion by all the studies done to prove GMOS to be harmful for human consumption. I can tell you that up to 98 percent of food sold in super markets have one or more GMO ingredient in their composition. Almost all Vegetables and Fruits are also grown as GMO.

I apologize but this is personal and I am not against GMOS. If you personally do not like use of products with GMO go for the Organically Grown ingredients and finished products.

Best regards

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