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QUESTION: I have a cookie business that sells individual wrapped cookies which I make in my peanut free store. I have label with ingredients and also states peanut free. Now manufacturer of icing for cookies tells me distributor of this sealed package of icing also distributes a peanut product. This is now printed on icing package. Do I also have to state this on my label. And if so what would I state.

ANSWER: Hello Cathy

If your label clearly states that the cookies you are selling are Peaanut Free than there is no need to mention that icing is also Peanut free. This is because for your product icing is an ingredient.

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QUESTION: I guess I didn't make question clear. The package of icing now has a statement on it that their distribution center also distributes a peanut product from same warehouse as icing. Icing company disclosing this about there product that I use on my cookies. Do I have to mention this on my cookie label

Hello Cathy

You were clear about the icing being peanut free as the supplier does.

To my knowledge if you are using icing from this supplier and you are mentioning on your label that your cookies do not contains peanut than you really do not have to mention Icing suppliers information on your label. To me that will be duplication and not needed but if it makes you comfortable to do so please go ahead and do it.

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