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Dear Sir,

I am looking to open an ice tea manufacturing process in a small capacity of 300 Cans(350 ml) per hour. My ice tea will be of two flavor that is peach ice tea and apple mint ice tea.I am thinking to firstly brew the tea and later add the syrup. My syrup will be made by boiling sugar and adding the fruits slice.

My question to you is:
1. Is my ice tea making process proper for commercial purpose since it is a homemade recipe?
2.  I am still doubtful of my syrup making process, would you advise me on syrup making process?
3. Since apple and peach are seasonal fruits, I am thinking to make syrup in large quantities and store, Will storing syrup and using it after longer period will affect the taste of the ice tea?
4. I am still not sure about the mixing ratio of tea and syrup, Would you please advice me on this?
5. What differences in taste is there between brewing the tea and preparing tea from tea concentrate?

Thank You

I am not able to answer all of your questions, but can do some.

Most commercial teas are made from concentrates. they are very complex and manufacture usually at least 3000 packages per hour, which is far more than you are able.

I do not have sufficient enough experience in syrup manufacture, since all of my experience is with concentrates.

Storing apples will definitely effect the taste, and differently varieties will be effected differently.

Most tea sold in the USA is flavored with lemon or sugar, or both, so any taste differences between brewed and from concentrate are masked.

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