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Good Day.
I am seeking a professional advice regarding career shift that am planning to do, i have 14 years of experience in textiles quality including working with international companies such as IKEA of Sweden where i was responsible for technical sourcing activities in Europe and Middle East.
In addition, my skills are:
- Quality Management, Technical Sourcing.          
- 6 Sigma/Lean Production.
- Project Management.          
- Product Development.          
- Auditing, Inter & Intra-departmental Liaison, Sourcing Operation.
- Establishing Quality Standards and Procedures (ISO 9001/2000-TS16949).

Nowadays textile business is down and am decided to shift my career to Food safety field to have an opportunity to work within FMCG's companies.

my question is :

- What kind of practical training courses/knowledge that i need to break into this new field?
- Do you think that i have a good opportunity in FMCG's companies? Taking in consideration that my education background is textiles engineering and i have no experience with food?

Thanks a lot for your support.

Mohamed Maher

Hello Mohamed

You will need several key training courses to built knowledge about Food Safety and Quality Control of Food products. The most important is to learn HACCP, Hazardous Analysis and Critical Control Points. This could be specific to each product, process and Packaging.

The main learning's will come after working with production of Food/Beverage products.

Hope this helps.



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