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Hi Jim

As you know I am in the dehydration business, i use regular dehydrators (excalibur) to dehydrate my vegatables but that process is time consuming. That is why i am adding the osmotic dehydration to the process

I wanted to use also a Microwave to combine with my dehydrators in order to shorten the dehydration process.

Unfortunately i was not able to find which type of Microwave and How to use that microwave for dehydration.
The challenge is NOT go above 50 degrees Celcius in order to keep the flavor and the nutriments of the product.

My questions are:
What type of microwave to use in combination with my dehydrators ?
How to use it?

I was thinking about the Microwave convection oven but i am not sure and i do not know how to use it to be efficient .
For the microwave vacuum drier: it is very expensive and there are limited numbers available  on the market , that is why the microwave vacuum is not yet an option for me.
I was not able to find any documents that were clear and specific on how to use a microwave and what type of microwave . (microwave vacuum is not yet an option)

Thank you

Hello Claude
The best alternative is to immediately freeze the blanched product.
For microwave operation you may contact the equipment manufacturer and discuss  your project. They have experts for hat technology and should be able to help you with your process for your vegetable.
Sorry I'm not an expert in microwave technology and its applications.
Best regards

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