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Dear Jim,

I am planning to start greenhouse tomatoes farming in Africa where we have very erratic power supply. So preservation with freezing might not work. I am keen on finding ways to preserve the tomatoes to remain as fresh as possible and for as long possible. Up to 3-4 weeks or more will be great. I was wondering if there is a method or technology out there that would enable me preserve/pack them in a transparent (specialised) plastic jars. Why transparent jars? I believe the transparent jars will enhance customer acceptability as (near) fresh tomatoes. So far my research has taken me no where but am aware new technologies and techniques are ever coming out. The key outcome for me is to have the tomatoes taste as fresh as possible even if I have to use some safe preservative. Any thoughts of yours or advice will be most appreciated.


Hello Lanre

The new technology to preserve Fruits and vegetables is known as HPP which is high pressure process it kills all the bacteria surrounding the fruits and or vegetables. You can go on line and check this out may be it will help you.

If you are going to pack in clear plastic containers than another technique that will help in extending the shelf life will be to flush the container with nitrogen before adding tomatoes to it. Nitrogen will remove all the oxygen in the jar and as you may know oxygen is the main reason for spoilage.


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