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Dennis wrote at 2010-10-11 17:53:25
Hey, relabeling already existing bars would save on research and development but it would be difficult to charge more for a product that is exactly like another one on the market.  Generally if you would like to launch a protein bar line you can either use a company like Nutri Nation if you plan on your first run being over 50,000 bars or you can use a smaller manufacturer like YouBar if you are looking to start our with less than 50,000 bars (their minimum order is 13).

atul shah wrote at 2012-12-03 05:05:02
 We are Ahmedabad,Gujarat,India based Processors &Packers  of FOOD & BEVERAGES.

We can offer you ENERGY BARS in your brand.

atul shah

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How various processed foods are made; ways to improve manufacturing; how to make a new food product.


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