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I am wondering how long can "Mountaineer Original Mild Flavor Pork Sausage" meat take for it to go bad? The sell by date days October 21st. How many more days until it does go bad? I have kept it in my mini fridge, in the little freezer compartment. Thank you!

Hi Natalie,

I don't recognize the sausage you are talking about, so I will treat this discussion as if we were speaking of any generic "raw" sausage - ie Breakfast sausage, italian sausage... unlike salami that has been dry cured.

If the sausage was purchased prior to October 21st and properly stored in a refrigerator, you might get another day or two out of it - maybe . However, that being said, this sausage has been frozen. At that point, the sausage can still be good for a 3-4 months, as long as there is no freezer burn, which is unappetizing to eat, or there hasn't been a power outage to your freezer so that the frozen food thawed and then froze again, then the sausage should be fine.

I hope this helps.


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