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I know this answer has been asked before by Susan in 2007 and I know that Carol provided a clear answer re: quality and safety, thank you.  My smoked salmwas accidentally thawed by a relative.  It has now been in my fridge for 8 days, unopened because I couldn't see an occasion to eat it all right away.  I know refreezing will decrease quality and I'm ok with that, BUT, I want to know if I have now crossed into food safety concerns?  What could be the consequences of eating this? Food poisoning?
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Hi Kate,

I assume your smoked salmon is the cold smoke variety (purchased refrigerated and is referred to as "Nova-style" or "Lox.")  If this is true, even unopened the maximum refrigeration shelf life is 7 days once thawed.  Since you are now past this window of usage, the recommendation is to not use it but rather pitch it.

The general recommendation for all refrigerated foods is that once defrosted the maximum amount of time you have in the refrigerator is 7 days.  Once you go past this recommendation, the chances for food borne illness goes up exponentially. Since you can't see, taste or smell this type of harmful bacteria, you can't tell be looking, smelling or tasting as to whether the food is still safe to consume. Thus the recommendation is to not take a chance and pitch all meats, fish and poultry products older than 7 days.



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