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Food Safety Issues/shelf life of dairy coconut macaroons


I make a few different types of coconut macaroons and was wondering the shelf life. All are baked for 15-17 min at 325F cooled for about 20 minutes and then sealed in a food grade poly bag.
All have no preservatives

I recipe consists of milk, sugar, coconut, almond/vanilla extract

Another adds egg whites to the above

Another adds cocoa and roasted nuts

Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated

Thank you

Hello New Baker,

If you are wanting to know the shelf life for selling your product, then you will need a shelf-life study done on the cookies.

Many state universities have food science departments and entrepreneurial centers designed to help aspiring food entreprenuers with their products. These universities do shelf-life studies of products to determine the "best-if-used-by" date for product labeling.  In addition there are many food testing laboratories across the US that can do shelf-life studies. A simple Google search of "food shelf-life testing laboratories" and "food entrepreneurial center" should give you many leads on universities and private laboratories which can do an in depth study for you.

If you are just wanting to know the shelf-life of your own products for personal use, then you can do an unscientific study with your product by simply packaging the products, dating them and then place them in a variety of storage conditions - dry storage, refrigerator and freezer.  Every few days or on a weekly basis, take out one sample and sample it for taste and texture. Keep notes on this information and continue to pull product on a regular interval and again note the taste and texture.  When you begin to see a change in the these qualities, then your shelf life will be the last date BEFORE you notice the quality changes.  In other words, if you are pulling product every 3 days and on day 12 you notice quality changes, the shelf-life for the product would be 9 days (the 3 day interval before you noticed the quality change.)  Again, this is not scientific and is woefully inadequate for commercial purposes, but it will give you a base-line idea of how long your product stays fresh and of high-quality.

Good luck with your product.


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