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I cooked a pork roast in sourkraut yesterday all day in the crockpot when we got home I shut it off and we forgot to put it in the fridge. it was still in the crockpot this morning on the counter the air conditioning was on all night also. Is it safe if I heat it all back up in the oven or do I have to throw the whole roast away?

Hi Stephanie,

Yesterday must have been sauerkraut and pork in the slow cooker day as I made the same thing!

Unfortunately, the recommendation for all potentially hazardous foods (meat, dairy, fish, poultry, etc.) that have been in the "Danger Zone" - 41 to 135 degrees F - for more than 6 hours should be pitched and not reheated or consumed.  If you were a restaurant and you made sure that the hot food was above 135 degrees when removed from the heat source, you would be allowed to serve the food if you continue to monitor its temperature for up to 6 hours.  After 6 hours the food must be thrown away.

For consumers, the general rule is to pitch all potentially hazardous foods that have been in the Danger Zone over 2 hours.  Either way you look at it, your sauerkraut and pork have been in the Danger Zone for more than either of these recommendations and thus I can not give you the go ahead to reheat and serve the food.

While the sauerkraut and pork may still be perfectly safe, it is also possible that it's not.  And since you can't tell by taste, smell or appearance (bacteria that make you ill do not give off any signals they are present) the recommendation for safety is to not take a chance and pitch the kraut!



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