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just today I canned 7 pnts of veg soup by water bath procuder boiled 90 mins is that safe to eat later.

Hi Linda,

It is not recommended to process vegetable soups in a hot water bath canner because of the possibility of botulism.  Vegetables are a low acid food (with a pH above 4.6) and botulism spores, if present, are not killed at boiling water temperatures, even if you boil them for 90 minutes.  The only way to "kill" botulism spores is to use a pressure canner which raises the temperature to 240 degrees, a temperature high enough to explode any spores if present.

Botulism spores only become active in low acid, vacuum sealed environments -- in other words canned food.  This is why all foods with a pH above 4.6 must be canned under pressure to get up to a high enough temperature to destroy the spores.

Since you just canned the soup today I suggest you refrigerate the soup and then transfer the contents to freezer-safe containers and freeze the soup within the next 24-36 hours.

For reliable canning information, I suggest you check out  This website is maintained by the University of Georgia and is home to the National Center for Home Food Preservation.


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