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Is it safe to eat yogurt if the lid is bulged if it looks ok? I know bacteria causes this effect, but is it the good bacteria that can create a bulged lid as well, or would it be just the bad bacteria?

Hi Janice,

When a yogurt container is swollen and the lid puffed,, this is an indication that the yogurt may have been improperly stored sometime during it's life.  

Sometimes, if fruit yogurt has not been properly refrigerated at the grocery store or in transit, the fruit can ferment and release gases. This would cause the lid to bulge.  While fermented fruit is not harmful to consume, it’s best to toss the yogurt. It may have an “off“ taste which would not be the tastiest to consume.

Yogurt does not support the growth of harmful (bad) bacteria as the pH of the product is too acidic for their growth.

If your yogurt is within the "best if used by date" I would contact the manufacturer as they will want to know about their product.  Chances are they will give you a coupon to replace this yogurt. If your yogurt is past the date, then I would definitely pitch the product.


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