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Dan wrote at 2009-09-06 20:35:33

I believe this question is more complicated than it seems. If meat is considered to be the flesh of an animal, eggs very well may be considered meat as the egg is an animal cell. In this way, the argument that eggs and milk are similar in that they both give sustenance to young isn't really accurate, because milk is not cellular.

Is caviar meat? Is blood? We often feel that meat must be muscle. What about animal eyes, or even brain? It is my opinion that an egg must be considered meat, even when unfertilized. It seems a silly distinction that as soon as the egg is fertilized it would then be meat, only one or two cell divisions later.

Michael Polidori wrote at 2014-01-31 18:14:05
Hi Dan,

I have to disagree with most of your post.

If by egg you actually mean the ovarian egg or the egg of a hen, that is certainly not meat. The ovarian egg or unfertilized hen's egg cannot replicate and has only half the DNA necessary to create a living organism.

Milk and egg yolk are similar in providing nutrition to offspring. Neither are cellular.

Caviar is meat in the same sense that egg is and isn't  considered meat, according to the state of fertilization and the purposes for which you are trying to determine the meat status.

In your second sentence you state an egg is an animal cell, singular. So how could it be considered "a silly distinction that as soon as the egg is fertilized it would then be meat"?

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