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is tomatoe sauce better for you then a fresh tomatoe?

Hi Craig,

There are studies out that support the value of tomato sauce in keeping your heart healthy and in reducing your chances of prostate cancer.  And these studies reportedly compared the effects of raw tomatoes vs tomato sauce.

There is still work to be done as they have not determined what substances are responsible for this statistical result.  Does cooking a tomato release chemicals that we normally wouldn't have access to?  Is it the combination of ingredients in the sauce that has some effect?  Will a larger study correct an aberration in data?

We simply don't know yet.

Another problem is that in one study the subjects were rats that had prostate cancer induced in them.  Animal studies do not normally correlate well with human results, but are allowed by the FDA to be used as a guide because it keeps costs down while providing a "sense" of safety in that science is being used!!! That doesn't really make much sense, but that's the kind of rules we get when corporations are allowed to influence the agencies of the government that regulate them.

If you want to make a life choice, I would stick to whole foods and organic foods with minimal processing/cooking.

I would be skeptical of any studies that support health benefits of a highly processed food such as tomato sauce.  As far as flavor is concerned, being Italian, I love the stuff, and do enjoy it occasionally.  However, we know that processing and/or cooking destroys many of the nutrients that we need.  I would never trust processing to make things healthier, just tastier.  Ordinarily healthy and tasty foods will taste bland if you "BAM!!!" your taste buds with highly spiced or artificially flavored processed foods.  Develop your taste buds by eating healthy.

Michael Polidori

Hi again Craig,

While reviewing my answers, as I do occasionally, I have a correction to make. Tomato products that are canned DO contain greater amounts of nutrients than fresh tomatoes bought at your average grocery store.
The reason is that canning and processing facilities are usually built close to regional farming areas. The short trip to processing allows tomatoes to be picked at their ripest and most nutrient rich (and tastiest).
Tomatoes you purchase in most grocery stores are picked when green then artificially ripened while on their way to market.

The benefit of processed tomatoes doesn't have an advantage over farmer's market tomatoes (again preferrably organic, for BOTH types of products) or some grocery store tomatoes which are local-farm fresh.

Thanks again for your question,
Michael Polidori

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