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Helga wrote at 2009-02-23 23:11:40
I would just like to point out that this is a very biased answer.  There are some people who feel very strongly that GM foods are all right.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I just wish Michael Polidori had answered this question without forcing his opinion on others.


An Observer  

John Altimus wrote at 2013-03-31 18:27:42
"An Observer" criticized Mr Polidori's answer as biased opinion... but didn't offer any alternative evidence to support the safety or necessity of genetically engineering our food supply or point out where anything that Mr Polidori stated was wrong.

It would appear that "An Observer" is the only one expressing an opinion and an opinion that is not only extremely biased, but is apparently unsupportable with any evidence.

Thank you Mr Polidori for an informative and not-too-technical answer. I would suggest that some references to studies from the National Institutes of Health or other peer-reviewed sources could give readers who are science or medical professionals something a bit more substantial to chew on.

The PSRAST website does give some thorough technical explanations but has changed over the years.

Michael Polidori wrote at 2014-05-03 19:04:38
Hi Helga,

My account was inactivated for a number of years. My apologies for not responding earlier.

I hope you are watching this question and follow-ups and will detail what exactly you think are my biased personal opinions in the answer I provided. I would also welcome the evidence of GMO safety you have from the people who think "that GM foods are all right".

The following are all QUOTES from my answer, except for what I've added in brackets [ ];

1. [Opinion] - First I have to tell you that I am against the application of this technology on our food supply. [My opinion, reasons for which are explained in the body of my answer]

2. [Fact] - Genetically Altered or modified food has had extra genes added to it from other animals (including human), other plants, or bacteria, virus or molds.  This is not possible in nature or with traditional cross breeding techniques.

3. [Fact] - Genetic modification is not an extension of cross breeding, as many people would have you believe.

4. [Fact] - ...scientists are hoping that these pieces [of injected DNA] will get incorporated into the cell's DNA.  Hoping... a far cry from "engineering"!

5. [Fact] - Some plants suffer mutations due to the gene package being absorbed in a critical area of the DNA making it impossible for the plant to survive.

6. [Fact] - The scientists have no way of knowing where in the DNA their gene package was inserted.  No matter where it goes it will affect neighboring genes in the corn's DNA.  Especially troubling is the promoter gene's effect on genes near the absorption site.  Anything that the plant does can be affected, from photosynthesis to water and mineral absorption through the roots to the look and taste of the corn.  Nutritional composition changes always occur in surviving altered plants.

7. Altering our food supply in this way is NOT safe [opinion based on injury to some animals in testing] and has never been proved safe [fact].

In addition to these facts (and two opinions) my answer has more facts, not biased opinion, Helga. I always try to be truthful and am careful about things I post on the internet or speak about to family, friends and acquaintenances.

If you feel anything in my answer is a biased opinion (or wrong), that doesn't have a basis in multiple facts presented in my answer, please point them out to me and I will gladly change my answer to have it reflect science-based evidence.

I believe that anyone making a critical comment should include examples of what they believe are "biased... opinion", and support their statements with science-based evidence.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Michael Polidori

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